“Dance of Chugaistra”

"Dance of Chugaistra"

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Medicinal properties: in folk medicine, yellow yarrow is used in various diseases of the stomach; it also helps with diseases of the spleen and liver, goldfish, jaundice, cough, fever, dysentery and scurvy.



About tincture: the official name of the plant, the roots of which are used for tincture – YELLOW YELLOW. The popular (Hutsul) name is JINJURA.

According to folk beliefs, the root of JINJURA has enchanting properties. On warm summer evenings, the girls looked for these roots and, digging, said: “Tyrlych, tyrpych, call me dear”

Additional information: Chugaister – a character of Hutsul mythology, very tall, great strength and inexhaustible energy. His “hobby” is to dance until the death of those he meets in the woods.

Warning: if you are planning such a tincture for health purposes, the maximum daily dose should not exceed 50 grams.

“Dance of Chugaistra”

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