«‎Dovbusheva syla»

«‎Dovbusheva syla»


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Medicinal properties: for excitation of appetite and improvement of activity of digestive organs, at sluggish digestion; belching, bloating, colic, heartburn, constipation, loss of appetite, after debilitating diseases and gout and arthritis, as a choleretic and anthelmintic.


About tincture: the official name of the plant, the roots of which are used for tincture – SILVERSIA MOUNTAIN. The popular (Hutsul) name is PIDOYMA.

My grandfather spoke about the lift

(Laughs at the old man)

Everyone thinks it’s “kind of”,

And then no “kind of that”

From the supernatant helps

Raise and weak

And we are part of a man

And the whole

Warning: if you are planning such a tincture for health purposes, the maximum daily dose should not exceed 50 grams.

«‎Dovbusheva syla»


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